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Ideas of plants for a Japanese garden

Plants in Japanese gardens

Green trees

Forest-type trees are prefered in Japanese garden. Both, deciduous and evergreen trees are planted in Japanese garden. Deciduous trees show beautiful colour in autumn.

 Flower trees


Some flower trees are planted. Basicaly, they are showy naturally, some cultivars or double-flower are ocassionaly planted though.




Some distinctive or showy shrubs are planted.
But they are not principal in Japanese gardens.


Flowers, ferns, bamboos, mosses


Here, I write down other kind of plant, e.g. Bamboo, mosses and ground covers.



Plants ideas

Typical japanese countrysideJapanese gardening is based on capturing the beauty of nature.

In nature, evergreen trees grow under deciduous trees. Evergreen trees grows gradually. Eventually, forests become evergreen forests. This means deciduous trees finish the life under evergreen trees. This is the nature forest transition in Japan.

Therefore, to follow the above story is the best for planting idea. Of course, in transition, some evergereen trees become taller than deciduous. In the garden, some evergreen trees may taller than deciduous trees.



Nature forest in JapanNature forest in Japan


NikkoStream in Nikko


The aboves are nature picture in Japan.

The bellows are Japanese garden in Japan.
The left picture is temple garden in Kyoto . The right picture is a tea garden.


Garden in KyotoTea garden


Both, nature and human created garden have green and nature atmosphire.

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